The Body Lover

The Body Lover


The Body Lover

Skin Rescue Treatment

An extraordinary form of concentrated bliss, light as air yet extravagantly rich. The Body Lover is a skin rescue treatment, it features powerful ingredients like kokum and avocado butters, argan and prickly pear oils, lemon peel, golden seal root and cinnamon bark extracts. Wonderful for sealing moisture in your skin, especially in the winter. The added pearl powder, angelica root, orange blossom and ravensara will work wonders to brighten your complexion.

The body lover benefits:

  • Accelerates the skin’s repair process.

  • Restores and moisturizes the skin.

  • Attenuates roughness and uneven texture.

  • Increases firmness and density.

The Experience: apply a good portion and massage on the body.

The ingredients: shea butter*, avocado butter*, coconut oil*, mowrah oil, cocoa butter*, kokum butter*, proprietary blend of herbs infused in almond oil, meadow foam oil*, peach kernel oil, argan oil*, prickly pear oil*, sunflower lecithin, pearl powder, tapioca starch, non-nano zinc oxide, tocopherols, ascorbyl palmitate, retinol, proprietary essential oil blends and botanical extracts.

*Organic farming and unrefined ingredient





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If there are any doubts or history of skin reactions or allergies. An allergy patch test is highly recommended. Consult your healthcare provider if pregnant or nursing.