Skin loving and free from toxins natural skincare 

Erazan in Moroccan Berber means creation, that’s WHY we stand for creating love and self-care through a real sensorial experience!

Inspired by mother nature and very old rituals. Our concoctions are created from scratch, skin loving and completely free from toxins. We use nothing but premium, wild harvested, mostly food-grade and organic ingredients from all over the world: Safran, Argan oil, Tansy, prickley pear oil to name a few...

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The secret to fighting the signs of ageing?

What happens when the most expensive spice in the world combines with her Majesty the Queen of flowers and the golden Argan oil?

Our signature blend gives results that were never seen before, that is WHY we name it ‘The Lasting Forever’.

Try it, you are only 3 drops away from experiencing the bliss!