Erazan skincare started 100 years ago in a small village in south Morocco named "Erazan" which stands for creation in Berber. Back then, Women kept their beauty arsenal a hidden secret. If you think the Moroccan Golden oil Argan is the answer, you better think again!

 In the Erazan village, the ladies paid a weekly visit to my grandma’s “Hammam,” which is the traditional bathhouse of the Berber culture. Once a week the women gathered to undergo a ritual based cleansing treatment, you heard right: Once a week!

Going to the Hammam on a weekly basis is till this day very common in Morocco, the practice is part of the beauty secret. It’s an important purification ritual as well as an opportunity for women to bond and catch up. Exfoliation and skin softening are a huge part of the hammam ritual; women cover themselves with Beldi soap, a gel-like formula made from olive or Argan oil. Then, the body is exfoliated with a “Kessa” which is an exfoliating mitt. This helps to clean out the pores and removes all the dead skin from your body.

hammam bride ritual 1.jpg

The ultimate hammam experience is the bridal ritual. Coming back to me now, are the sensational memories of a real unique spa experience, an ancient purification ceremony that has both healing and transformative powers. I felt like Cleopatra for a day!

Erazan stands with love and self-care, making your skin care rituals a truly sensational experience!



My sisters, nieces, aunts, cousins, girlfriends all streamed into the hammam--but no in-laws are allowed! The hammam staff played music, we were all dancing and singing “Lalla Laroussa” which means ‘Her Highness the bride.’ My skin had to be in its best shape ever, head to toe:  glowing, youthful and perfect for the special day but, most important, for the handsome Groom! As he always says: Can I eat it? Ohhh I can read your mind right now! I am talking about the skin masks! Relax and grab a cup of tea, getting even better ;)

The week before the bride hammam ritual, my mom gathered and meticulously prepared all the aromatic and natural ingredients to concoct the secret magic potions inherited from her mother and great-grandmother: Lavender, Chamomille, Rose, Clove, henna, Safron, Ghassoul “green clay from the Atlas mountains”, orange blossom water “Zhar” which means luck. I will never forget the luxurious pampering my mom and oldest sister bestowed on me, pouring the infused water all over me standing on top of the marble table, with the rest of the water going to the single girls sitting on the bottom, the idea is they will get married right after me. Superstition is a part of the Moroccan culture and the bridal ritual.

We all lounged together in the relaxing room enjoying hot green mint tea and last but not least rubbing on the neck a block of solid perfume: Amber and Musk are my favorite scents; I would always put a small piece in my closet.

I have been making my own skincare products from scratch since I was very young. Not only is the craft part of my cultural identity, but my heritage considers caring for your body as a duty, and I simply can’t allow the mass-produced products on my skin.

Despite successful careers in investment banking and modeling, I always knew that one day I would return to my roots, and share my heritage and grandmother’s legacy with the world. My family continues to be a powerful force in bringing my dream to reality; with their support, the secrets of the Hammam have been re-born 100 years later in the U.S...