The Lasting Forever

The Lasting Forever


The Lasting Forever

Infusing the Skin with Youth

The Lasting Forever Face Elixir works synergistically to help fight the key signs of aging and soften the fine lines and wrinkles. Formulated with a complex extracted from the date-palm kernel and Dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline (plant derived lipid), clinically proven to fight wrinkles and transform sagging, aging, uneven and dry skin into a supple, balanced and glowing skin.

The "Moroccan” oils blend (prickly pear, date, orange blossom, argan), plus the everlasting and rose absolutes make this formula packed with natural amino acid essential for skin collagen synthesis and elastin production.

The Experience: gently warm 4 drops in your palms to activate and press face, neck and décolleté every night before bed, it’s an overnight face bliss!

The Recipe: Argan oil*, proprietary blend of herbs infused in grapeseed oil*, Chia seed oil*, pumpkin seed oil*, pomegranate oil*, coco caprylate, prickley pear oil*, seabucktorn oil*, evening primerose oil*, date oil*, Gotu kola oil*, Aot oil*, sunflower Lecithin, Yuzu oil*, squalene-olive*, date-palm kernel extract, vitamin complex (retinol A, D3, ubiquinone CQ10, menaquinone K2, tocopherols E and ascorbyl palmitate C), dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline, safran*, proprietary blend of essential oils and botanical extracts.

*Organic farming and unrefined ingredient








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If there are any doubts or history of skin reactions or allergies. An allergy patch test is highly recommended. Consult your healthcare provider if pregnant or nursing.