The Hair Fertilizer

The Hair Fertilizer


The Hair Fertilizer

Intense Hair Regrowth and Repair

This Mediterranean beauty secret instantly reinforces the protective film of hair, rejuvenates hair follicles and promotes hair growth which helps strengthen and invigorate the hair fiber’s resilience and structure. It also gives it a healthy. This formula is designed for intense hair regrowth and repair. Using it frequently will nourish your strands from within for stronger, healthy looking locks and lustrous sheen.

The Experience: Apply desired amount evenly directly onto scalp. Then thoroughly massage to insure absorption by scalp and hair ends. Cover head with shower cap and leave for 2 hours and wash thoroughly with shampoo. For ultimate results, use once to twice a week and combine with supplement.

The Recipe: proprietary herbs blend infused in olive oil, babassu oil*, mafoura butter*, pistachio oil, castor oil*, sesame oil*, argan oil*, sorbitane oleate, neem oil*, pumpkin seed oil*, mint oil*, mustard seed oil*, onion oil*, clove oil*, tocopherols, lavender oil*, fenugreek oil*, bay laurel oil*, garlic oil*, proprietary blend of essential oils and botanical extracts.

*Organic farming and unrefined ingredient


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If there are any doubts or history of skin reactions or allergies. An allergy patch test is highly recommended. Consult your healthcare provider if pregnant or nursing.